Replacement of a missing tooth is of utmost importance because :

  • Helps restore and maintain the natural bite,
  • Prevents unnatural stress on teeth,
  • Prevents shifting and tilting of adjacent and opposing teeth,
  • Prevents further dental decay and gum disease and
  • Restores chewing function, improves speech and enhances smile.

Replacement of missing tooth/teeth can be achieved by the following ways :

Removable Partial/Complete Dentures :

Removable Partial/Complete dentures are one of the foremost ways of replacing missing natural teeth. Using gums as their primary support and using natural teeth (if present) as anchorage, these types of dentures are primarily used as a masticatory aid and for esthetic purposes.

Different types of dentures include :

  • Removable acrylic complete or partial dentures with acrylic or ceramic teeth,
  • Removable flexible complete or partial dentures,
  • Removable cast complete or partial dentures,
  • Removable overdentures on remaining natural teeth or buttoned / clipped on implants.

Bridges :

Bridges are crowns joined together in the numbers three or more. Bridges as the name suggests are placed in the patient’s mouth to replace one or more than one missing teeth. Bridges are basically a fixed teeth replacement alternative. It involves the support of the adjoining teeth by scientifically reducing the size of the adjoining teeth and placing crowns on them and suspending the missing tooth/teeth between them.

Dental Implants:

Dental implant is the latest, most advanced and a very safe method for an artificial replacement of a natural missing tooth or teeth made from biocompatible metal or material which is placed surgically into the jaw bone as a substitute.

Advantages of dental implants over other forms of teeth replacements:

  • Fixed teeth as compared to removable dentures,
  • Teeth adjacent to the missing teeth remain untouched as compared to bridges,
  • Restores the patients chewing capacity better than removable dentures,
  • They do not decay like natural teeth as in bridges,
  • Fairly easy to maintain as compared to conventional removable and bridge types of dental prosthesis and
  • Dental implants replace the missing teeth by virtue of function and esthetics.

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