Since the advent of tooth colored composite resin material and dental ceramics, dentistry has changed leaps and bounds. Introduction of esthetic dentistry could provide to the patients tooth colored fillings and crowns.

Smile Designing :

Now with the latest research and development, we at Pooja Dent Care are able to achieve a highly predictable and good long lasting smile with dental products that can be used for creating a beautiful set of teeth to make your smile very attractive. Not only it helps in boosting confidence but also aids in maintaining good hygiene in the oral cavity.

Teeth Whitening :

Good smile designing begins with teeth whitening. Teeth naturally are yellowish in color due to the dentin layer present in its structure. Teeth whitening process is a bleaching process which brings back the white colour of your teeth. Whitening of the teeth is carried out in three basic steps.

Instant Whitening: Teeth whitening procedure is performed on the patient in a single visit by application of the bleaching agent on the teeth and then activated by a chemical agent or visible light of a very high intensity. In a matter of minutes, drastic change in the colour of the teeth is observed.

Multiple Visit Whitening: Multiple visit teeth whitening is performed by the dentist by applying the bleaching agent under the doctors’ guidance for a couple of visits. The patient has to perform the rest of the procedure at home. The procedure allows the doctor to control the amount of the applications and the desired result is thus obtained.

Home Whitening: The home whitening dental procedure is performed entirely by the patient. Evaluation of the colour of the teeth is done prior to the treatment and the patient performs the entire bleaching process at home till the desired result is obtained.

We at Pooja Dent Care have incorporated tooth colored materials in our practice since the day we started. Now it has become an indispensable part of our and our patient’s lives. Esthetic procedures like closing gaps between teeth, restoring broken teeth, minor alignment of teeth by additive procedures have become very common.